10 Reasons Why Fitness Werqs is the Best Gym



Just like parents to their children every business owner thinks their business is the best, however we KNOW Fitness Werqs is the BEST GYM and here is why:

  1. We have the only award winning water fountain in America. You read that right; we have won an award for our water fountain (even if dubbed by one of our members), even still resoundingly everyone at Fitness Werqs says what good water comes out of it’s little spout.
  2. Our garage door.   In the warmer months we can open up the garage door giving the FW a Venice Beach of Pennsylvania kind of feel, you never have to worry about missing out on a summer day because you have to go to the gym. I personally think this is one of the coolest features of the Gym, there are very few gyms in Pittsburgh that are cool enough to have an industrial modern feel and a garage door. #Winning
  3. Unique equipment. We have some really cool pieces of equipment, like our shoulder machine which can accommodate 4 different exercise, our chest press machine that has a movable bench to allow for an incline, flat and decline press, our squat press machine which is an great range of motion and great for booty building, our 150 lb., 450 lb. and 3000 lb. tires we have outside, and our dumbbells that go up to 150lbs. FW has a great set up for any kind of workout!
  4. Sherlock and Scarlett, otherwise knows as the Greeting Committee. They take this job very seriously and are sure to give wet sloppy mouth kisses to all of those that will allow it. They will both be two years old this year, full breed German Shepherds, Sherlock is 100 lbs. while Scarlett is our little girl at 70 lbs., they love playing down in the gym with everyone there, treats and naps, and all though they are big the are even bigger babies.
  5. You could eat off of our floors… Well kinda. We keep FW Spick and Span with a lot of bleach, Pine-Sole, and Lysol wipes. When it comes to our appearance and our cleanliness we DO NOT mess around! Hands down Fitness Werqs is one of the cleanest gyms in America.
  6. Our Fitness Werqs Family brunches and monthly night outs. We love this gym, our members and clients so much that we spend time with them outside of the gym. What other gym do you know that does that?! For instance this month we went to family brunch at a local diner and this Saturday we are going bowling at a local bowling alley.   We are all about having fun!
  7. Heckling is free with the membership. Don’t get me wrong coming to the gym is about results and improving yourself but at Fitness Werqs there is a lot of busting of chops and people getting ribbed, but all in good fun. We work very hard to create an environment were everyone is friends and everyone knows everyone else’s name. This by far is one of the coolest gyms I have been too and not just because its mine, but because its fun, drama free, and non judgmental to the fullest degree. Everyone in Fitness Werqs could careless about your past or who you are as long as you’re nice to them and can take a little joking around.
  8. The best trainers in Pittsburgh. Luke and I have so much practical experience and knowledge its almost disgusting. We both started practicing and training for our sports at four years old so between us we have 60 years experience. Since Luke never touts his accomplishments I am going to do it for him, like a proud wife would. He started boxing when he was four years old and by the time he was 15 years old he was one of 15 athletes invited to come and train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO for the 2000 Olympics. He also was Division I scholarship recruit for football and basketball.   I on the other hand spent all of my time swimming, quite in high school because I was burned out, but then walked onto Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s swim team until I officially retired. After swimming I competed in figure shows and was a national figure athlete in the NPC. I haven’t retired from competing but just have other things that are priorities right now and will get back up on the stage.
  9. Our members and clients. What can I say; we are the land of misfit toys.   All of our members and clients are so funny and have some of the best senses of humor I have ever come across. They all have hearts as big as the sky and are always willing to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. Luke and I can’t see us anywhere else but right here with our 170+ members and our 40+ clients. Gyms don’t get any luckier than this.
  10. We are just the best, end of story!