5 Best Glute Exercises

This article is for women and men alike.  Women are always wanting that ass that gets noticed and men… And, well the same thing goes for you men out there, women love a great ass on a guy.  Follow these next steps to getting a showcase derriere.

1) Single Leg Leg Press – I apologize now if I state the obvious features of this exercise:  The biggest mistake I see people making when doing the leg press is they have the seat to far back to get a full range of motion, so they only end up getting half the movement they could be getting which leaves the glutes hardly used at all.  So put your big kid pants on get the seat into a position that feels way to close and press it out!  Secondly, keep your foot high, you want your knee and ankle to be in parallel alignment, if your knee comes over your toe you are just asking for knee problems.  Thirdly, ALWAYS press through your heel!!  Do I need to say that again?  ALWAYS press through your heel.  Not only does it ensure proper form through the entire motion but it will also keep your glutes firing which will keep them growing.

2) Assisted Chin Up Press Down – Again, no brilliant obscure naming for this one it’s exactly what it says.  This is my FAVORITE exercise for my booty I can get a great range of motion that hits every part of my glute and burns like cray cray.   A few tips for this one, keep your heel off of the pad or bar and drive your heel down. This helps to target your every part of your glute and give it a nice lift.  Then when you are controlling the weight back up, let the bar or pad come all the way up until its almost resting in it’s start position, don’t be lazy with this and cut the movement short it’ll make the biggest difference in the long run.

3) Bulgarian Split Squats – These make me hurt so good!  In case you are not familiar, it’s a lunge position with your back leg rested on a bench or box behind you.  However the variation I will suggest to you is bending your foot that is resting on the bench into a 90 degree angle.  This allows you to get a little deeper and hit the top part of your glute.  It’ll change your life!

4) Smith Squats – I love how deep I can get on the smith machine and maintain proper form through out the whole movement.  For me personally traditional squats bother my lower back because I have tight hips (I need to stretch more) so this is a way for me to get the same benefit from squats without irritating my back.

5) Smith Stiff Leg Deadlift – I love these because I can modify the movement to maximize my booty muscles.  When doing these, I lower the weight pushing my hips back so that I can rock back on my heels which allows me to bring the weight back up by pressing my hips into the bar.   It’s almost all glute and its all amazing.

Good luck and I would love to know what you think about these exercises!