A Personal Trainers Transformation: Part 1

Social media can be very deceiving, it seems like everyone is doing perfectly and everything in their world is always without waves that rock their boat.   I know a lot of you reading this probably follow a lot of people that have seemingly perfect lives and perfect habits, never miss the gym, only eat chicken and broccoli, and everything always seems to fall right into place for them, but for the rest of us mortals it can leave us feeling less inspired and more like a loser. Well I am here to tell you it’s not all perfect and even we as fitness professionals have bad days, bad habits, and aren’t as perfect as we seem.   It does take a lot of hard work and consistency to maintain a healthy balanced life and sometimes we as professionals lose our way and need to learn how to make it back to being balanced and healthy. Admittedly I have a lot of really bad habits I have picked up along the way that I want to change but have been unsuccessful at changing, for me its mainly because I have tried to change to many things at one time instead of following my own advice to my clients “it’s a marathon not a sprint.” So for all of you out there reading this trying to make a change and have been unsuccessful I am going to show you my transformation as it happens to becoming a strong, healthier and more balanced person and professional. This a very uncomfortable place for me because I am a very private and a very strong person so showing you a side of me that is an extremely vulnerable side is well out of my comfort zone and as a professional I have an image to uphold of nothing but healthy habits, workout everyday all day, and wearing clothes that never fit to tight. But like I said I want people to understand the ups and downs of trying to change themselves for the better instead of having a false impression how people got to where they are.


There are a lot things that have happened to me that have left me feeling very unconfident and a lot of ways that I have let myself down (I’ll give you back stories as we go). You see I get in my way a lot, I second guess myself on almost everything and for me to become the person I know I am capable of being I have to start making changes and be willing to be uncomfortable. But the kind of transformation I am wanting, and most of us want, does not happen over night and it takes a lot of time and patience to make it happen.


I am going to update you as my progress goes along and the difficulties I have faced and the wins I have accomplished as I go along on my journey. I also want to encourage you to create your own transformation or gather up the courage to start to make small changes because at the end of the day small changes lead to a really big transformation after some time.


This all started sometime last year [2014] that I decided I wanted to change and wasn’t happy with how I was living my life. I have tried for three years to make changes and have failed every time so FINALLY I had decided to take a different approach but wasn’t sure how to do it. So in July [2015] when I decided to star small and give up Diet Pepsi but then furthered that and decided to give up caffeine all together because at the point I was probably consuming over 1000mg’s (which is a lot) a day, which then also lead me to start journaling my progress.   I can’t say that giving up caffeine has been easy because after two months I still have times that I want it and want to rely on it but the habit of not needing/wanting on it gets stronger as the days goes on, so that’s a big win.


The second set of habits I began was to start working out constantly again. Being a new business owner there are a lot of things that can crop up over the course of a day pushing my workouts to the very back burner because if I am not making money then I really can’t workout. However, it got to the point that I would go weeks without even considering a work, which isn’t good for me personally or professionally. So I decided to make hitting the weights and cardio a part of my daily routine again and commit to making it happen so I gave myself a minimum that I need to complete (5 exercises, 3 sets of 20 reps, 20 minutes cardio with no intensity requirements), the only thing I want to happen is the completion of the workout.   There are times that I defiantly don’t feel like doing it or have so many other things to do that I want to skip it but I made the commitment to stop the excuses and so far in almost five weeks I haven’t skipped a single workout and seriously that is a huge win given my record of not following through on my promises to myself, but its only because I am focusing on one goal and that is to get my work out in every day.


The third habit I am working on right now is eating a good healthy breakfast; every morning I have 3 egg whites, a handful of spinach, a pinch of cheese, microwaved into a little omelet kind of thing and then I have Greek Yogurt with blueberries. So far I haven’t missed a single breakfast and I’m about two weeks into this new habit, it’s safe to say it’s going well and is going to be another win for me.


We all have our stuff we are going through and battles we are trying to win so no matter what you’re going through you can make the change, you just have to decide that you are worth the effort. Stay tuned because there will be more on my progress and transformation.