-Training for over 15 yearsK-34
-Helped individual clients lose over 100 lbs
-An NPC Figure Competitor
-Develops tough workouts to push through perceived limits
-Believes everyone can achieve their goals if they have the right mind set
-Creates personal plans for each clients
-Works as a team to collaborate the best possible path to success

Kristin has been an athlete all of her life, swimming at the collegiate level for Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she  also earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. She has had her fair share of ups and downs with weight loss, literally and figuratively speaking, which gives her a huge upper hand with understanding weight loss and how hard it can be. She also understands what its like to train for an sport or an event and how important it is to be spot on. When your trainer understands you, there is much more insight and sensitivity as to how to go achieve your goals. She only has your best interest in mind when it comes to your results and wants what you want for yourself.

She believes health and fitness is multi- faceted. This is why she integrates the mind and body. This process is vital to gaining permanent results. She believes that health and fitness are a lifestyle and must be adapted slowly in order to become a part of your life. It must also be enjoyable! Why would you continue a lifelong program if you dread your upcoming workout session? It is her goal, not only to inspire and motivate you, but also to customize your program so that you will love it, look forward to it, and continue staying active and healthy for the rest of your life.


-Top athlete
-Multi-sport athlete
-Amateur boxer
-Has trained everyone from people wanting to be healthy to professional athletes
-Believes in hard work and dedication to achieve any results

Before partnering with his wife, Kristin, to build the vision of Fitness Werqs, Luke, was a top athlete until an injury that took him out of the game for good. He has had to bounce back, then turned his passion for sports into a passion for the gym and workouts. Luke has a “get it done” kind of attitude towards training and results, but is the biggest supporter anyone could have in their corner. Sports and fitness have always been an integral part of his life.  But that’s not to say he hasn’t been in and “out of shape” several times in his short 34 years though… shoot, who hasn’t?!   It’s the ability to get up when you were down, and keep driving for your goal that defines a true champion. And at Fitness Werqs we believe everyone has a champion in them. Some people just need little help to call that inner drive or to listen to it.