Combating Holiday Weight Gain

holiday1The holiday season is upon us with also means for many of us the scale becomes even more of an enemy and even as fitness professionals my husband Luke and I struggle with the same thing; we have parties to go to, members and clients bring us in amazing homemade treats and family dinners on top of all the other day to day to do’s and getting ready for the holidays. During this part of the year there is even less time to get workouts in let alone spend more time working out to try to maintain a reasonable pant waist.  To be honest this whole weight loss and maintenance thing is one giant mental game it all comes down to how you prepare for the parties and treats, so in preparation for those events and moments here are some tips to help you prepare.

1) ALWAYS MAKE YOUR WORKOUT A PRIORITY!  This is a huge one, it’s all to easy to get busy and miss a workout or five. So no matter how busy you get always make sure to find the time to hit the gym, your mind and body will thank you whenever January rolls around.

2) When going to parties either take something healthy or give yourself a boundary.  I always take a veggie tray so I know I always have a healthy option, not that i don’t eat other food but I try to make that my main nibble source.  Give yourself a time limit at the food, for me I know once i start eating I won’t stop so I plan to go to a party for three hours and won’t touch a bit of food for at least an hour and a half after I get there.  It’s so much easier for me to not start to eat than it is to stop eating.  This goes for work parties too or break rooms that always have treats if you don’t start eating them you won’t chow down and then five donuts and three bagels later regretting your decision and lack of self control.

3) Prep yourself ahead of time, I honestly will spend the week up to the event reminding myself of what I am going to do and how much I am going to eat.  For instance thanksgiving is in less than 48 hours and I can guarantee you that I won’t eat anymore than a plate of food and maybe nibble on the desserts because that’s what I have been envisioning doing for the past couple of days and to be honest I am very comfortable with that.  Even when I go out to eat I always do recon on the restaurant menu or know whats going to be available to eat so that I can mentally prepare for what I am and am not going to stuff my face with.  As I have told you in my last blog post I get VERY emotional around food to the point that it makes me really anxious, but with this little trick it takes the wild card out of my deck and I show up to the party more prepared to maintain composure around the buffet.

4) Cookies and treats from other people.  This is a tough one because you don’t want to be rude but you don’t want you that $hit in your house either because there is a 150% chance you’ll eat it.  In this case THROW IT OUT!!!!  Accept the nice gift but then don’t let that nonsense in your house!!! Oh and please don’t give me the bull shit excuse that “my kids like it” or “my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/bff/whatever wants to eat it” because they don’t need to be eating it either so again, THROW IT OUT!  You’ll be glad you did tomorrow morning.

5) Cool it on the booze.  Now I do love a glass of wine or champaign and if I am so inclined I could easily finish off a bottle.  However, this is a place where I show a lot of discipline, alcohol is the worst for your body when trying to lose or maintain weight.  It’s a depressant, it not only depresses your mental capacity but it also depresses your body’s systems including your digestive system and ALLLLLL of that alcohol is sugar which is then broken down and then stored by the body as fat instead of burning it off at its usual speed.  Alcohol also has an uncanny way of making us eat more than what we should and make some really bad judgement calls.  So all the way around alcohol is just bad news bears, so just stay away from it or limit yourself to a glass.

Holiday weight gain is tough and I’m not saying these tips are going to make it easy because it’s not, but at least you can have a fighting chance to get to the end of the holiday season without the average 15 lb. gain.  Good luck and enjoy your holidays.  It’s a great time of the year with family and friends so be merry and enjoy some nibbles without the holiday 15.

Love and peace,
Kristin B.