Dave P.

Fitness Werqs provides a very relax atmosphere which to work out in, which I find to the best thing for my workout. Fitness Werqs has much of the traditional workout equipment, but also some new machines that help provide a better work out. 
I have been working with Luke since the Fitness Werqs has opened and my workout is 100 times better than what I was doing on my own. Luke has helped in tweaking what I know how to do to get the most out of it and has shown me many more techniques to help me to maximize my work out and get better results and faster too. In the few months that I have been trained, I have slimed down further and toned up more than I have in the last 3 years of doing my work outs. 
I have not been working with Kristin much, but she has helped me with my form with some of my work out that has helped me from hurting myself and to get great results. I have observed her with other clients and Kristin knows what works best for the people that are working with her.
Both Kristin and Luke are very knowledgeable and can show the best way of doing an exercise. They are dedicated in helping anyone and everyone and shows a level of patience, care, and understanding which I have not found at any of the other gyms that I have belonged too. They are always there to answer any question about fitness and nutrition. They help provide a relaxed, unbiased, energetic workout which in itself is the best thing when working out. Kristin and Luke both have a style of working with their clients that help keep them motivated and focused to get the best out of each other.
Since I have started Fitness Werqs, I have realized that I really have been wasting my workout and my money at other gyms for the last six years.