Top 4 Reasons Your Diet isn’t Working


Portion Control and Dietint

Portion Control

Before you start reading this realize that this comes from love from the bottom of my heart and may be a little tough love, but I just want to see you get better and make successes for yourself.


  1. You aren’t sticking to your diet.
    • Look, I have been there done that. A friend of mine was helping me with my figure competition and I would tell him I was following the rigid bitch diet when I definitely wasn’t. He would call me on it because I wasn’t getting the results. So if this is you, take a moment and reflect and be honest about how closely you are not sticking to the diet. Then take a look at why you aren’t able to stick to it, maybe you don’t like the foods, you aren’t ready to do it just yet, or the portions are too small and then you get so hangry (you’re so hungry you’re angry) that you end up stuffing your face with food because you can’t take it anymore. Take a look at those factors and reconsider what you are falling off so easily.


  1. You aren’t giving it enough time.
    • It will take longer than a day to see results and reap the benefits of dieting and working out, for some people it will take longer to start losing weight and start seeing results. It has taken some of my clients up to four weeks to start seeing results. Our bodies do not work on the instant gratification that we are all so used too, so when it takes longer than a few days to see monumental results we get discouraged.   Understand that it didn’t take your body over night to gain the weight you are trying to lose so to expect that in return is asking something that is impossible.


  1. You are eating too much.
    • This is the case more than not. Ok, I get you probably eat healthy BUT if you are eating 2500 calories a day of grilled chicken and you’re only burning 2000 calories that extra 500 calories you have eaten of grilled chicken is going to get stored as fat. We as Americans have a hard time with portion control and portion sizes. If you are having a hard time losing weight get real about how much you are actually eating, this one fact alone will make or break your diet and lifestyle. Start measuring your food so that you can begin to learn about portions and how much you should be eating.


  1. Now this one is one that I have seen affect very few people. Everyone wants something else to blame other than other factors above, however it is still a very real reason that could be holding you back. So if you suspect something like this talk to your PCP about it.


Losing weight and staying in shape isn’t brain surgery, it’s just that we as a culture don’t have patience anymore for things that take awhile. So give yourself some time and space to figure out your bodies needs and don’t put so much stock into the latest and greatest diet and fads, they will only leave you feeling more let down than you were when you started. You can do this and make it happen its just about being realistic about how its going to happen.