Waiting On Results

ResultsIf there were a product out there that I could sell you that would make you lose weight instantly and as quickly as you like then I would not be sitting here writing this, my @$$ would be sitting on a beach in Maui sipping a margarita watching my bank account grow. However that is not the case, I am resigned to the fact that losing weight and creating the body you have always dreamed of takes work and consistent effort. The thing is in this very instant world we live in we some how believe our bodies work like a Fios WIFI connection and should react as soon as we hit the gym and start eating healthy. Fact of the matter is that our bodies are designed from thousands of years of evolution and trial and error, and expecting instant results from our thousand year old selves just isn’t going to happen.

We put a high level of expectation on our bodies and our habits that when we fail it’s such a disappointment and we blame our bodies for not meeting that expectation. This is so unfair, skipping a couple of opportunities to eat your favorite chips or drinking a beer is not going to issue you the results you want. However working on completely changing the habit will get you the results you are looking for. Also taking the time to discover how your own body works is vital, not everyone’s is the same. Some people have to work extra hard to lose one pound while others drop 10 pounds without doing much, or sometimes we are working so hard and then hit a plateau and get completely frustrated that our body is not doing what we expect.

So when you are hitting the gym and starting that clean eating diet, give it some time, don’t expect instant results instead work on lasting results. BE PATIENT, respect your body and its process, there is no magic pill for results and anyone who sells you a magic pill or process is full of it!!!